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The G-Woman is one of the employers of the Elders and a representative of the Clandestine Company.


After the Combine's defeat, she oversaw the redevelop of City 17, and later oversaw the day-to-day running of the Clandestine Facility in the same city. She observed Nathan Johnson on his one-man mission hunt on destroying different factions wanting power in City 17 and attempted to offer him a job working for the Clandestine Company. However he turned down the offer, and when they set about trying to kill Nathan he destroyed the Clandestine Facility.

G-Woman was also responsible for sacking Frank Blackstone and removing his title as "G-Man". When Frank plotted to set up his own criminal empire, G-Woman was sent to dispose of him. At his apartment she shot him in the head, and then took away his two children.

After the death of her superior David Wakeham, G-Woman is appointed Head of Projects at the Clandestine Company by their boss Derek Robertson. She overseas the planned invasion of demons upon City 17, as part of the Clandestine Company's wider scheme for mass invasion of the multiverse.

After the demons are unleashed, Nathan goes to face G-Woman only to be captured by him. She straps him to a surgical table, intending to use a surgical android to torture him to death. But Chell arrives and rescues Nathan from his grisly fate, and in revenge straps G-Woman to the device instead.

Nathan assumes that G-Woman is dead, however he began hearing rumours that she has been spotted around the city, but with a slightly different appearance. Nathan panics and begins to prepare himself a possible retribution.


  • G-Women (as her name suggests) is a female version of the G-Man from Half-Life 2.