Douglas Maxwell Vance (B. 1946), better known as 'Captain Vance', is an entrepreneur and Army veteran, living near Centralia, Washington. He is a character in Fleetwood-Brougham's 'NO LIFE', and a step-brother to Eli Vance.

Life prior to the series.

D.M. Vance was born on January first, nineteen forty-six, at the Pacific Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, to Edgar and Luann Vance, wealthy Idaho ranchers. Being a majority shareholder in the Douglas Aircraft Company, their son was named as a tribute to the company. He was followed, in nineteen fifty, by his sister, Nancy.

Late in 1957, the Vances adopted Elijah Anderson, who, thanks to a master's degree funded by his new family, go on to become one of the greatest physicists of his generation. Douglas and Eli would often go fishing or bike-riding, despite persecution from racist locals.

Vance had no interest in scientific fields, and graduated from West Point in 1967, going on to pursue a career in the United States Army. As a Second Lieutenant, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War, for his role accompanying tunnel rats on their dangerous mission to snuff out underground Viet Cong fighters. He was later promoted to Captain.

Doug returned from Vietnam to find his parents dead in a suspicious car accident, and, through their absence, the family grew increasingly close. After Eli was hired at the Black Mesa National Laboratory, his step-siblings moved to New Mexico to support him. They lived in the nearby settlement of Freight, the site of a railroad spur that served the Research Facility, with Doug in the National Guard, and Nancy working as a receptionist for the offices of the Northern Express Railroad.

Sometime after the Black Mesa Incident, Doug and Nancy moved to the hamlet of Adna, west of Centralia, Washington, and founded Maxwell Vance Disposal, which took government contracts to exterminate alien wildlife. It has earned the name, 'The Chehalis Hunting Club', after its part-time membership.

Prior to the series, Captain Vance and his sister became romantically involved. This seriously irks protagonist Winston Brougham.


Vance is mentioned by Brougham in Chapter One, where it is inferred that the Hunting Club is a part-time job. His first appearance was in Chapter Two, watching television at the Hunting Club Lodge with Regis (a fellow employee of his) and Nancy. He informs Brougham of the death of the fellow employee, Bernard. Ted accompanies the men on a hunt for Bullsquid, where they encounter a pack of starving Houndeyes. While Regis flees and the group argues, Vance guns down the entire pack with his M4.